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Audio File Cutter 7.0

Simple and straightforward utility to cut and convert sections of audio files
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Extracting a fragment from an audio file in a fast and efficient way is simple and straightforward with Naturpic’s Audio File Cutter. It doesn’t come simpler than this – select an audio file, set the start and end points, and click on the icon with the scissors to save the selected fragment in either its original format or in one of the supported audio codecs.

It's as simple as that. No complicated settings or hidden features – except for the list of output formats available, all other options are there in the program’s one-window interface. The selection process is more intuitive than accurate, but in most cases the sliders provided will suffice. You just have to click on the sliders and move them to the corresponding start and end positions. The program will tell you (in hours, minutes, and seconds) the precise position where you set the sliders, and you can always listen to the selected fragment using the program’s built-in player.

You can use the program’s support for “direct stream copy” to extract fragments in the same format and with the same level of quality of the original file. Or you can save the resulting clip in any of the six formats supported – AAC, M4A, MP3, Ogg, WAV, and WMA. And that’s about it.

While the program’s ease of use and simplicity are surely its main assets, they may also be seen by others as its biggest limitations. Except for the built-in audio player that allows you to check and fine tune your selections and for its conversion capabilities, this simple audio cutting tool offers no other functionality. Nothing to complain here if this was yet another of the many free tools available on the Web designed to clip audio files, but Audio File Cutter is not, and though it cannot be considered to be a pricey tool, it may look not so inexpensive when checking the program’s list of features. You will find completely free audio cutters out there with merging capabilities, or with the option to extract more than one segment from a single audio file in one go, or simply with a more accurate selection tool.

To sum up, Audio File Cutter is a good tool – it is extremely easy to use and supports a few of the most widely used audio codecs. However, a more accurate selection method and some extra functionality would make the purchase of this tool a little more attractive.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicty of use
  • One-window interface suitable for all users
  • Built-in audio player
  • Converts to popular formats on the fly
  • Supports some of the most widely used audio codecs


  • The cutting procedure is more intuitive than accurate
  • Too limited functionality for a commercial tool
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